IGBC Green Design Competition

Ethos launched  the “IGBC Green Design Competition” in 2006 with CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre. It got the students to don their thinking caps on sustainability, which is the way forward. The topics for the competition over the years ranged from - Designing a Home for 2035, A Treehouse, Designing with waste and A Green School. All these editions generated plenty of enthusiasm among the community fo budding designers

IGBC Green Design Competition 14

The theme for The IGBC Green Design Competition for the year 2014 - "Prevention vs Prescription" calls for a much-needed passive intervention in the areas of energy and water efficiency! We hope that many colleges will find this problem useful and challenging enough to introduce the problem in one of the studios!
Please download the brief and keep visiting this page for updates and FAQs. 


Prevention vs Prescription

FAQs for IGBC 14



IGBC Green Design Competition 13


IGBC Green Design Completition 13


First Prize - Minakshi Mohanta and Amit Joseph Kurien from SPA Delhi
Second Prize - Supraja Krishnan and Periaswamy Sharundeep R from SAP Chennai
Third Prize - Piyush Verma and Kapil Kumar Sinha from SPA Bhopal


Syed Hamdan Hussain and Deblina Pandit from SPA Delhi
Amarnath PM and Kavin Prakash from SAP Chennai

Congratulations to all the winners and the participants! The jury report will be put up soon. 

Winning Entry

First Position - Minakshi Mohanta and Amit Joseph Kurien from SPA Delhi

Second Position - Supraja Krishnan and Periaswamy Sharundeep from SAP Chennai

Third Position - Piyush Verma and Kapil Sinha from SPA Bhopal

Indian Green Building Council, DAIKIN


IGBC 2012

The annual IGBC Green Design Competition promoted by the CII"s Indian Green Building Council is back with its latest edition - IGBC Green Design Competiion 12 on Green Cities


IGBC Green Design Competition 12

Requirements for Submission


Jury Report

Winning Entry

Jt. First Prize - Anirban Maiti and Subhodeep Maji from BESU Shibpur

Jt. First Prize - Ranjith and Cibi from SAP Chennai

Second Prize - Rohit Jaiswal from SPA VIjayawada

Second Prize - Mahavir Singh from Chandigarh College of Architecture

Third Prize - Anup Kumar Prasad and Abhijit Roy from Jadavpur Univerity


IGBC 2011

Event : IGBC 2011


IGBC 11 Report

Winning Entry

First Prize
Minakshi Mohanta & Amit Joseph Kurien from SPA Delhi

Joint Second Prize
Anisha Murali & Archna Menon from SAP Chennaii

Joint Second Prize
Lipee Patel & Prachi Joshi from MIT Institute of Design Loni

Third Prize
Manas Ranjan and Utkarsh Sharma from SPA Bhopal

Jury Commendation


IGBC 2010

Event : IGBC 2010

Winning Entry

First Prize
Anuj Mittal & Kabilan S. from SPA Delhi

Second Prize
Nilesh Kulkarni & Ketan Bandekar - VNIT Nagpur

Third Prize
Arjun Bhattacharya & Bhaswar Mallick - Jadavpur University, Kolkata


IGBC Green Design Competition 2009

Event : IGBC Green Design Competition 2009

Winning Entry

First Prize
Bomching Maio, Shashank Gautam from SPA Delhi

Second Prize
Hashim Shaik Meera Mohideen. R, Deepak. S from SAP Chennai

Joint Third Prize
Shoma Mathew, Saumitra Sinha from SPA Delhi

Joint Third Prize
Anuj Rathi, Varun Kumar Deorha from SPA Delhi


IGBC Green Design Competition 2008

Event : IGBC Green Design Competition 2008

Winning Entry

First Prize
Hashim Shaik Meera Mohideen R. and Deepak S. from School of Architecture and Planning, Chennai

Second Prize
Sonam Ambe and Gaurav Sawant from Sir J.J.College of Architecture, Mumbai